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Feel comfortable and at home in our hostels near Laax.

You’ll find our hostels in the idyllic mountain villages Ruschein and Rueun, nearby Laax.

You can easily get to it by car, bus or train. There are enough parking spots available. From our house it is about a 10 minute car ride to the “White Arena” in Laax/Flims. If you don’t want to drive there with your own car, you can take the postal bus all year round or the shuttle service during high season. Depending on the amount of snow, you can also take one of the slopes straight back to the village.

The SNOWFUN ski & boarder camps are hostels with bed rooms of different sizes (single, double or more beds; toilets and showers on the floor), a repair shop for your skis and boards, a cozy recreation room as well as a wonderful sun room with a fireplace (only Ruschein), breakfast and lounging room (we do not offer apartments or suites).

The friendly and laid-back atmosphere gives room for many long nights with good conversations, drinks, games, music, fun, occasional dancing and open ends!

Bring your swim suit with you, as there are beautiful public bathing places with sauna, jacuzzi and sun beds.

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Pictures: Hostel in Ruschein



Pictures: Camp in Rueun


 For Camp only: Sleeping bag required